.....IS  TO  BE   BACK   WHERE



                                    DOING  NOTHING



                                                                                             WAS NOT BORING.....












Youngstead Jabulani AFRICA!!!



















    Youngstead Jabulani Africa....we call her Dixie.... is one

GORGEOUS rough coat female St. Bernard. It was a LONG

trek from South Africa for her to get here but we have never

regretted it yet!!!









            Dixie is a SWISS type dog...longer legs, CLASSICAL

head type and is an EXCELLENT mover over and terrain with

a SUPER TEMPERAMENT!!! Her lines she comes from are

also this description.....her lines have natural births without

any problems.....








                   A little history on Dixie.....her dad is an IMPORTED Swiss

Champion Sabro du Grand Saint Bernard. The kennel we

purchased her from a kennel that has 36 CHAMPIONS  in

South Africa and many else~where!!! 







              Dixie's sire is a CHAMPION in South Africa and his sire

and grandsire were both INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS in

Europe as well as some of the females in his pedigree. And of

course he was bred at the most famous well~known oldest St.

Bernard kennel in the world. 








     I would recommend Dixie's lines to ANYBODY!!!!! 

She is an EXCELLENT foundation bitch and

Dixie's  breeder has worked with her lines

extensively for years and has had the BEST of luck









  These lines have ALWAYS been HARDY and don't

need alot of extra "things" to be healthy just your

basic GOOD food, care, and LOTS of LOVE and they

THRIVE!! One thing that is always important is

Ester~C for Immune support.







   Dixie has GREAT skin pigment with dark haws

as well. I love her movement angles and overall

balanced structure.








  There is alot of size in her pedigree but most

importantly that she measures greatly to the

standard and is healthy!!








    Dixie LOVES children and people ALOT! She

gets along well with the other dogs and is very

well~socialized! We have alot of fun with her!! 








   Please FEEL FREE to contact me ANYTIME!! We are

your support team and WELCOME any questions or

  interest you may have!!!   










                Here is Dixie while yet in her home~land of South Africa!

              Just TOO CUTE for words!!!














































                          Below are pictures of Dixie......































































































...stretching!!! HA!!! Too cute!!! 







































































































































































































































         APPRECIATE IT!!











Here are some of Dixie's past puppies and their new families!! Gives

you an idea what her puppies look like and just how AMAZING they

are!! Here is a long~hair girl and she went here to Michigan!! Her

owners had been looking for awhile for a puppy and were going to New

York to get one! Then they saw this one and that was the end of their

New York trip!! She is one BEAUTIFULK girl and was super spunky

and sweet!!! 





























I am a long~hair male!! And i was TRULY a WINNER!!! The family

picked him out....theri mother died and it was her wish for herslef and

her daughter to have a St.Bernard so her family kept that wish!! It was

a surprise for her 14 year old daughter and she never knew it until they

walked in the house and she saw him!! What a wonderful surprise!!

His home is in Tennessee and they would also like a female from Puppy

Pawz in the future!! 

































....just LOVE these puppies....!!!! 









Puppy Pawz

Text: 989 763 6319