Here is our BRAND new whelping house we built in

2010. It is a 12x14 and is divided into 2 whelping pens on

the inside.







    We have kennels out back and at the back of each pen

are dog doors so the mothers can get outside as well.








    The inside of our whelping house is JUST like a house!

There are curtains on the windows, paneling on the walls,

and it is heated and has electric! Our puppies are spoiled

rotten when they are born and it is just like they are being

raised inside our home!








    Everyone is in and out all day taking care of the pups,

cleaning and sanitizing pens every day, and washing and

changing blankets for the mothers and puppies to sleep on

ALL day long! Between blankets and my regular wash my

wash machine is going all day when puppies arrive!!








    We have curtains on the windows and friendly electric

candles shining in the windows! There are cupboards to keep

the supplies in and all the extra necessities!








    We are planning to build a second building for the

puppies to be moved to at around 6 wks. of age and then

they will be able to get outside and play to their hearts










      More pics of the whelping house below...























         Many HAPPY hours are spent inside!!!








Puppy Pawz

Text: 989 763 6319