IMPORTED from SERBIA!!! And is he ever IMPRESSIVE!!!

I fell in love with him the minute I saw his pictures!!!!

And....just HAD to have him!!! He makes a GREAT

ADDITION to our breeding program!!! 
























               ~A PART OF ONE'S SOUL....


                    REMAINS UNAWAKENED.....







SERBIA!!! He is AMAZING!!! All the way around!!!! 








...here are his FABULOUS parents!!! IMPRESSIVE











 Shark has a WONDERFUL friendly personality!!!

He is very out~going and not shy at all!! He has a

nice straight top~line and a very nice blocky~head

on him. LOVE LOVE his big head!!! 








 Shark also has good skin pigment and a dark black

mask. He is a dark mahogany with black in his coat.

His coat color and mapping is truly

OUTSTANDING!!! His pictures will speak for

themselves!!!  We had him health tested for over 150

genetics and he came back NOT a carrier for ANY of

them!!! Now isn't that IMPRESSIVE!! I was PROUD

of him!!! 








 Shark's sire throws very large puppies and Shark

hastruly carried on with that gene. He is solid all the

way through!! Very large paws , heavy bone, good

features, and great anatomy!!!








 Shark is a very goofy boy!!! He LOVES water!! Like

literally LOVES it!!! Lays in it, plays in it,

everything!!! He loves to step in his water bucket

even in the winter!! Therefore you can never keep

him clean!!! Ha!! He is quite commical!!! 










 He comes from a very well~known good kennel in

Serbia!! We are proud to offer you his off~spring to

enjoy as your companion!!! 









 Below are pictures of our lovely boy!!! The baby

ones are of him still in Serbia that I fell in love with

when he was a puppy.....and his current pics are of

him in his home here in Michigan!! ENJOY!!! And if

you are ever interested in one of his puppies feel free

to contact us!!!
































 How time has made Shark grow!!! And wowe don't

you just LOVE those wrinkles and large

blocky~head!!! I DO!!! 























































































.....my boy that ALWAYS LOVES the water!!! And can never be kept clean!!! ha!!! 















































































































































































































































 THANKS for checking out our WONDERFUL boy Shark from

Serbia!!! He is truly amazing and very large!!! We are happy

beyond measure to be able to provide you with your new family

member!!! If you are ever interested feel free to let us know!!! It is

a HUGE COMPLIMENT to us!!!  

































































































Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319