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           you may only be one person



              ....BUT....to your puppy....



            ~YOU~ ARE THE WORLD!!!~
























                    ~ PUPPY  CARE  AND  INFORMATION~















  Here at Puppy Pawz we put forth every

effort to the health and quality of the puppy

being produced and raised.







 Puppies are born in our whelping house~






where it is heated in the winter and

air~conditioned in the summer if need be!! It

is kept toasty warm for the first 3 weeks of

their life.







  Our new little bundles sleep on blankets

  where there is also a heat lamp over their

pen to snuggle up under!!







  ASAP after the puppies have arrived into

this BIG, WIDE and WONDERFUL world they

are given Nurse Mate, a good colostrum

booster to get them off to a HEALTHY start!!!










   When we first start feeding them or if we feed

some that need extras with a big litter we use

Immune Colostrum.










 Within the first week they have all

dewclaws removed and we tie little strings

around their necks to keep them straight for









    We give our puppies a daily multi~vitamin~

puppy drops.....













       and also daily Mega C drops to support 

their immune system and also for the health

of the joints on these large breed dogs.













  Then at 2 wks. of age they are started on

their worming program











and continued on at 3, 4, 6, & 8 wks. of age

and every 2 wks. after.










  Between 2~3 wks. of age the puppies are

started on getting used to food!!







  *We start them on milk soaked in their food

so it is nice and soft for them to eat as they

have no teeth yet. We feed them a VERY good

WELL~balanced diet, also a modified raw

food diet.








  As they get older they get raw meat mixed

with kibble













topped with raw eggs which is an excellent

source of protein and keeps their coats

looking healthy and shiny!! They have dry

kibble in front of them at all times so growing

puppies can have all they need for their

needs and someday be big healthy strong










  Here is an example of a feeding schedule

guideline we go by.....







        The key to feeding giant breeds is not to over feed,

which is why it's better to feed 3~4 times daily. You want

more frequent feedings, in smaller amounts using a

kibble roughly 23%.







      *It is important to resist the urge to fatten them up. lean and

healthy is the key.....







   When we introduce the kibble we mix it in a goat's

milk recipe we have or Esbilac and let it soak for about 5

minutes. They go  for that goats milk

recipe and we do that one feeding. It is a CHALLENGE to

keep them clean at this age until they have learned how

to eat properly!!!











     At the 2nd feeding we mix in about 1/2 lb. to 1 lb. of

ground beef to the kibble (depending how many we are

feeding). We use a little goat's milk replacer or Esbilac to

help mix the ground beef and kibble.










   The 3rd feeding might be chicken necks, hearts, or







  If there is a 4th feeding we give them a little kibble

mixed with pureed beef liver.







   After the first week of feeding solids we get

an idea of their eating habits. For example

when you get a 2 month old puppy from

Puppy Pawz it will be eating between 2~4

cups of kibble a day divided by the number of

feedings. Now if you are going to feed raw

meat as a starting point select 3 cups of

kibble. replace one of the cups of kibble with

1/2 a cup of meat.








  * So the pup would be eating 2.5 cups of

kibble with meat daily. After a day or two you

will know if your puppy is still hungry and

need more at each feeding. Then you can

increase the food by about 1/2 cup.








     What you want to be cautious with is not to

feed to much protein, especially to mastiffs.

There is typically 60~80 grams of protein in a

pound of ground beef. Some breeders feed 8

ounces of meat for every cup of kibble but

that may be too much protein for giant









  As a general rule a young dog should

consume, daily, about 2 grams of high grade

animal protein per kilogram of body weight. 

When you get your puppy adjust your

feedings by your dog's appearance more than

by the number of cups.











      At times when they are learning to eat we

will mix in a little canned meat.... Taste of the

Wild or Purina












but they like the raw MUCH better!! It is a

soft food for them and easy to eat at the










      We have  found that by feeding the

guidelines above and using supplements on

the puppies have made for some really nice

looking healthy pups!!









  When you receive your puppy it will be on

an All~Natural kibble, one that is a small

kibble for them to get started on so they

don't choke on a kibble to large
















  Starting at 6 wks. of age the puppies are

          given a 5~way vaccination










  and they are then vaccinated every 3 wks.

               until they leave.









  We also have our puppies

vet~checked....a heart/health cardiac exam, 

by a licensed veterinarian before they leave

to make sure of no heart murmurs, eyes,

ears, mouth, lungs, everything is checked









  We use the office here in Ithaca Michigan

where Dr. John Cresswell~ DVM, 

 or Thomas Armstrong of Alma...to

do our vet checks.







  Your new family member will come with

it's health records listing everything he/she

has had and the day it was given.








  Most of our litters come with FULL AKC

registration for show/breeding rights

although a few litters do come with limited

registration only.









 Shipping is also available to anywhere in

the USA and Canada for an additional $400.

Shipping is also available to other countries.













  Our puppies are handled from birth until

they leave!! They are played with and held

MANY MANY times a day!! My children like

wrapping them up in a blanket and rocking

them to sleep or playing church with them!!

It is just tooo cute!! They are used to

children's laughter and giggles and farm life!!

Tractors, skid~steers, cattle....and just

everyday farm living!!































  Your puppy will come with LOTS of love,

WELL~socialized and a LIFETIME of breeder







  FEEL FREE to contact me ANYTIME!! With

ANY questions or interest you may have!!!

We are here for you!! And strive to take

TOP~NOTCH care of you new addition to your

family!!!       rebekahjoypeters@yahoo.com












  I also FULLY enjoy receiving pictures from

my customers so I can see their development

and also place them on my website for others

to enjoy!!! 








  St. Bernards and English Mastiffs make

FANTASTIC family companions and you will

LOVE every minute with your

precious....Puppy Pawz life's companion!!!












                ~HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY~








Puppy Pawz


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