~A PART OF ONE'S SOUL....


                    REMAINS UNAWAKENED.....











Not much longer and you'll be welcoming your new puppy into your

family!!!! We just wanted to touch base and remind you that TLC

Pet~Food, our first choice in premium quality pet nutrition, is currently

offering $5 OFF to each of our puppy owners. Place your order today,

using an Autoship schedule frequency every 6~8 wks. and never run out

of food!!!! 










Sold exclusively online, TLC avoids unnecessary middlemen and

retailers, allowing them to provide a superior product at a competitive

price. What they save in doing so, they pour right back into theri

premium quality formulas and onto the customer, shipping their food

FREE to anywhere in North America. 











Since bringing home your puppy, you've likely noticed our passion and

commitment to raising happy healthy dogs and litters!!!! We take pride

in being a trusted resource for all of our families and strice to provide

you with only the BEST advice when it comes to caring for your

four~legged family member. It's with this in mind that we are pleased

to share with you our decision to begin feeding and recommending TLC










.....as your breeder we would officially like to WELCOME you to the

family!!! Our commitment to raising happy and healthy dogs and

litters doesn't stop when you arrive to bring your puppy home!!! We

strive to offer the BEST advice when it comes to caring for your new

pet, including grooming, training, exercise and ESPECIALLY

nutrition!!!  That is why we are EXCITED to share some information

with you about the only premium quality pet food we trust, feed and

recommend, TLC PET FOOD!!!!









We've put together just some of the many reasons why we choose TLC

and asone of our newest family members; together with TLC we are

pleased to offer you $5 OFF your first order!!!! 































Since 1994, TLC Pet Food has delivered their meat~first, ancestral based

formulas to North America pet owners, leading the charge in premium

quality pet nutrition. Packed with wholesome and nutritionally benefical

ingredients that your pets will love, every ingredient has been carefully

selected for its health benefits. 













































Puppy Pawz


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