~Here are some FUN pictures from around the farm!!


               And what a LAZY day consists of!!!



    Here is Lucky, Edward, and Sampson ALL on our TINY porch!! LOL!!!






                              ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!    







                        Relaxing in the house..... Edward and a past

       puppy that went to Canada!!











                                                                    ~PICTURE PERFECT!!!







                                  ~Who could resist one of these GREAT dogs!!!






                          they get ALONG so well.... they just all squeeze in!






                                                          ~ Just tooo CUTE for words!!!~






        ~A RELAXING day in the sandbox!!! Oh....to have SUCH leisure!!





                      ~Just snoozin' while the world goes by!!~







       Lucky and Sampson lounging on the couch together!!






















                                           Edward and Sampson enjoying the







                                                                Rocking a puppy!!
















































Puppy Pawz


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