~Watching a St. Bernard grow......from








                       .....to an .........






     This page was designed for those of you who have never owned a St. Bernard before and are not sure what to expect from the breed!!!




   Hopefully this page can give you a little idea as to how fast they really DO grow and how proper nutrition is essential in the fast growing bones....!




   It is not meant to scare you out!!! But to give you a guideline to go by!! The pictures are not neccesarily of the same puppy as I did not have from baby to an adult of the same puppy.....only pictures of puppies of those ages. And every puppy does vary.....it is interesting to see how short of a time they stay....a   puppy!!





   ENJOY......and  questions feel free to ask!!!




   ~Here is a litter of puppies just born.....they weigh between 1.2 and 1.8 lbs. The smaller a litter usually the bigger the puppies are. Saints have between 6~10 puppies on an average so this size is a pretty average size when they are born into this wide and WONDERFUL world!!!






                    ~A puppy at 1 wk. of age......







               ~2 wks. of age...weighs approx. 3~4 lbs.







               ~3 wks. old now!! Weighing 5~6 lbs.








           4 wks. old now and weighing 6~8 lbs. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and the perfect size to nicely fit in your lap!!!







             5 wks. old and learning how to play!! 8~10 lbs. now!!











             6 wks. of age and weighing approx. 10~12 lbs.~







    ~Here are 2 puppies at 7 wks. of age....a male and a female and they weigh 14~16 lbs.~







      ~An eight wk. old puppy and this one weighs 23 lbs!! It usually varies from 18~23 lbs. Depending on the puppy!






Here is an 11 wk. old puppy.....weighs around the 30 lb. mark!








      Here is a puppy at 12 wks. old.....42 lbs. by the scales and ALREADY getting to big for this crate!!!!







      This would be a 15 wk. old puppy and it's actually Duke- our imported sire!!!







        A 10 month puppy....164 lbs. This is our European imported male....biggest at that age we have ever have!!! Males are usually the bigger dog......But he is GORGEOUS!






Puppy Pawz


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