WALDEMAR  AND FOLLY  OD


                                 KLASTERNICH LESU!!!!  HOORAY!!!!  



















                                          THEY ARE OUR PRIDE AND JOY!!!


                      CHANCE OF A LIFETIME TO HAVE A PUPPY




                     MOTHER....!!!!!!!!!   IT TOOK ALOT OF


                              WORKTIME, and MONEY TO GET THEM 













                                                                        ONE AMAZING PUPPY ....



                                                                                         ~AT A TIME!!!













              15th~ 2017!!!!!!









A $300 deposit will hold your puppy for you until he/she is ready to

leave December 15th!!! Just in time for CHRISTMAS!!! What a

WONDERFUL christmas present!!!! 






         ....This was a breeding between our


               EYE~CATCHER  female  FOLLY


                        OD KLASTERNICH LESU and....


              our HANDSOME male...BERNEGARDEN










                 Sire~BERNEGARDENS WALDEMAR                          Mother~Folly OD Klasternich Lesu









           We are THRILLED to announce the


         arrival of our St. Bernard puppies!!! There


        are 3 absolutely BEAUTIFUL females and 


         4 STUNNINGLY HANDSOME males









 MALES ARE......$2,000 


 FEMALES ARE......$2,000


FULL AKC registration is......$2,000 














"AVAILABLE!!!" Here is Trooper!!! He is a long~hair boy and is

such a ham!!! VERY nice big blocky~head on him, great stocky build,

and is an all around good~looking boy!! Huge paws, wonderful mask,

dark coat, and sweet personality!!! It is our pleasure to make Trooper 

available to you!! He would make you an AWESOME Christmas

present!!! If you have interest in Trooper please let us know!!! Call,

text, or email anytime!!! Don't his pictures just capture your heart!!! 


























































 "I HAVE FOUND MY NEW HOME !!!!" Look at our

STUNNING boy Clyde!!! He will be North Carolina bound!! They have

never had a St. Bernard before so this will be the 1st time!! They are

ABSOLUTELY going to LOVE Clyde and want a St. Bernard from now

on!! He is going to have a WONDERFUL family!!  He is a

long~hair and will grow up to be a total eye stopper!! A boy you can be

proud of!! Clyde has had all dew~claws removed, BOTH of his parents

are IMPORTED, and he has a DARK coat color....very nice head on

Clyde too and he represents the St. Bernard breed well!! The children

play with him and he gets used to ALOT of activity!!! 

































































at our boy Moose!!! He is a long~hair boy.....a fluffy one and will be

INDIANA bound!! His new owners lost their St. Bernard and came

across our website in search of another one!! So glad Moose has a

WONDERFUL home waiting for him!! What fun they will have at

Christmas!!  Moose is a very very nice boy!! He will be up to date on

all his wormings and vaccinations when you get him....and he is a

stocky and strong boy!!  Very nice head on him and huge paws!! Moose

has a nice mask on him and super cute markings!! And like all the

other puppies he is a very friendly boy!!! He also has a monks cap just

like his mom!!! 









































































 "AVAILABLE!!!" And looky here!! Long~hair boy Sampson!! He

is the splashiest one of all!! Look at how beautifully marked this boy

is!! And he is so pretty when he is clean!! He is a spunky fella!! Moves

around and goes here and there!! He would love to be your companion

and go everywhere with you and he will be ready for your new home

just in time for Christmas!! Everyone needs a Christmas puppy!!!

Sampson will come up to date on everything and he has some

IMPRESSIVE blood~lines with MANY CHAMPIONS in them!! It is

our pleasure to make Sampson available to you!!! Contact us anytime

if you are interested in this extremely HANDSOME boy!! 
















































































"I HAVE FOUND MY HOME !!!!" Here is our long~Hair

girl....Aspen!! She is going to Pennsylvania!! And is going to be their

families Christmas present!! What FUN they are going to have because

Aspen is a VERY fun puppy!! They said they looked all over the US for

a puppy and these were by far the best!! She is going to have an

AMAZING life ahead of her!!!  She is a STUNNER!!! Nice full~mask on

her, she is a traditional mantle coat, and is a very stocky girl. Aspen is

growing by leaps and bounds and her mom has been raw fed and you

can easily tell a difference in the puppies!! Aspen gets held and played

with ALOT and is used to very much activity!! She will grow up to be

a very nice girl!!! She is looking for her new home and will be ready in

time for CHRISTMAS!!! Can't beat that!! It is our pleasure to provide

them with their new family member! Look at how they have been













































































"AVAILABLE!!!!" And here is WILLOW!! And she is a long~hair

girl....she is very dark in color and has one AMAZING head on her!!

Absolutely love the looks of this girl!! She is an eye~catcher FOR

SURE!! She will be up to date on all her wormings and vaccinations

and has had her dew~claws removed. Willow will be ready for her new

home December 15th!! Just in time for CHRISTMAS!!! Everyone likes

giving her attention and she comes from an AMAZING blood~line!! If

you have interest in Willow let us know!! She is very BEAUTIFULLY

marked!!!  THANKS!! 




















































"AVAILABLE!!!!" Here is SMASHING Sadie!!! She is one

GORGEOUS girl!!! All i can say is WOWE!!! She has a DARK

coat....nice full~mask, beautifully marked, and ALL the girls in this

litter are simply STUNNING!!!  Sadie has a great personality and is a

go~getter!! Loves people and is always very eager!!! I would highly

reccomend this girl!! She will make an AWESOME Christmas present!!

She has awesome blood~lines that we are happy to share with you!!! If

interested just let us know!!! 








































































          ......and this concludes this litter of puppies!!! We are  VERY

IMPRESSED with them and they are showing GREAT potential to be

WONDERFUL dogs!!!!  ....there was a little puppy....the sweetest

little puppy....the cutest little puppy that you ever did see!!! We take

PRIDE in our puppies and bloodlines~ we have spent years

re~searching the breed and purchasing QUALITY saints from healthy

blood~lines and care~fully selected to ensure you get a quality puppy

that is true to the breed..... 







                            Puppies will have a heart/health cardiac exam before

               they leave for their new homes...amd also come with a nice

       puppy pack with LOTS of help~ful information on dogs in it and

 different various items....








              Your puppy will come to you up date on all of his

               wormings....wormed at 2,3,4,6, and 8 wks. and every 2 wks.

               after. Also vaccinated at 6 wks. of age and every 3 wks.

               after. You will get your puppy's health records listing what

               he/she has had and the day it was given.







                   ALL dew~claws are removed for safety.......






     Your puppy will be on a good kibble....which I will give

        you some when the puppy leaves...you can mix it with a

        brand that you like or buy the same!!











                         We safely ship anywhere....and it costs $400 which

          includes the crate for the puppy to fly in....his/her

         health certificate and the flight. Very simple and

            easy!!! I will email you all the flight information and

whatever else you need to know!




Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319