Mastiffs are not our whole lives...



             BUT.... they make our lives WHOLE


















              FORGOT.... ABOUT MASTIFF PUPPIES...!






































             THERE REALLY IS NOTHING....


                              LIKE THE HEART


                        OF AN ENGLISH MASTIFF!!











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                                                                                    RAISED WITH LOVE














                        ......Pictures are WORTH a THOUSAND words!!!








                                                                            ~So sweet and priceless......










        Oh boy....!! I went to live with Jason, Tasha, and family from Nebraska!! I am simply a GORGEOUS DARK brindle female and have a sweet disposition!! They named me "Honor" and sent me some very nice pictures of the family in Nebraska!! GREAT JOB!!!
























                  ~Here she is while still at Puppy Pawz.....


















          I went to live with Brian and Monica Carley from good ol' Texas!! An AWESOME family and they named me "Lady Addison Wrigley....cub fans!!!" I am a sweet brindle female with great brindling and a super duper attitude!!!



       ~Here is "Wrigley" with her playmate friend in Texas at her new home!!














      I get to live in New York!! With John and Kim Duncan and John is a policeman there!! The named me "Sarge" after Sargeant!! Fits well!! Sarge is a HANDSOME fawn brindle male and is a real man! Kim said the pictures with Sarge and the cows were calendar pictures!! Sarge has a nice~blocky head and thick strong bones!




















    ....And i live in Rice Lake Wisconsin!! My great family is Dennis and Donna Mae!! They are going to raise Mastiffs in the future and have really enjoyed the Mastiff...this is their first Mastiff!! GREAT choice!!! I am an apricot female....beautiful girl and am a keeper!













          ....and they also purchased a 2nd puppy from Puppy Pawz!! Another girl, fawn in color this time!!! She had a outgoing personality and was always super sweet!! Nice block~head on her and went to a very nice home!!!













     ....Well I stayed right here in the GREAT state of Michigan!! Christie Tellin and Michelle Hibbert is my family and they also have a St. Bernard they purchased from Puppy Pawz so I also have a playmate!! They want a Duke baby yet too!! I'm an eye catcher fawn female! Great blocky~head and thick stout body!!













       I am the first puppy from Puppy Pawz to go to Maine!! My family is Paul and Barbara Bernier!! They have other dogs on their place and i am able to do many things at their place! My name is "Bri" and I am a gorgeous fawn/brindle female. She is super sweet and very loveable!





                           ~Here i am in my new home in Maine!!!












                                                                                     ...At Pawz Pawz.....






















            I went to Denise Cassavoy from Michigan!!! They found a business card at the local vet and was first on the list for the next batch of mastiff puppies!! They got a very nice boy and named him Bentley and only live about 10 minutes from our place!!! Great people and family he went to!!!










         This great boy went to Robert and Nicole Neto from New York!! Nicole fell in love with his ever SO CUTE face and got Robert to give the "go ahead" to purchase him!! He DID have an adorable face and now he goes to work with them for the day and all the employees give him attention before they leave work for the day!! He is a loved and spoiled puppy and has a pug for a canine friend!!!














          ......I went to live with Pierce and Lisa Marrs from Tennessee!!  A VERY HANDSOME fawn boy!!  He played well with the others and enjoyed his littermates while he was still here!!








        .....and I went to Victor Vanderlugt and family! !They had a choice of 2 puppies and the vote carried to purchase this one!! They were very excited and could hardly wait for her arrival!!!
















          SOLD!! I went to live with Denna Aime from Nevada!! Her sister bought a St. Bernard from Puppy Pawz and has wanted a dog ever since!! Mindy has a nice squared up block head and is showing alot of potential! Very nice boning and thick solid frame! She is not afraid of noises or anyone. Very much a people person!  Mindy is sociable with other animals and is very athletic and has great movement.







       ~The St. Bernard is also a puppy from Puppy Pawz!! The Mastiff went to Tommi Aime's sister.... Denna has wanted a puppy ever since her sister had one!












































    SOLD! I am going to live with Charles and Sherry Newman of Lapeer Michigan!!  Her family was soo happy to get her and the children couldn't wait to get home from school to meet her! And then...  Charlie told his daughter they didn't bring her back with them and she was soooo disappointed! She ate dinner, was pouting, and it took about 15~20 min before she walked into the living room, and there she was sleeping on the couch!!!



















    SOLD!! My owners are Terry and Jocelin Martin from Saskatchewan!! They have been researching the Mastiff breed for 6 months now and are ready to make the plunge! They want a big dog! My name is Liberty and I am a beautiful dark~apricot female! I am oh sooo SWEET and  showing great potential! Violet has a nice head on her and very good boning. At 4 wks she was almost 14 lbs!








                                  ~Picking up Liberty at the airport!!     






                                               Teasing Liberty in her crate!!











      SOLD!! I went to Texas to live with Jennifer Turner!! My name is Angel's Halo. Halo for short... I have a WONDERFUL family and an apricot brindle male~Strider to play with and someday.... beautiful puppies!! In the pictures I am the dark apricot and Strider is the brindle! At 8 wks. when she flew she was 26.4 lbs! At 6 and a half months Halo was 114 lbs.!!





              Here is Halo at 7 months of age.....what a nice looking dog!!!!















      ABSOLUTELY hilarious!! Halo thinks she can STILL fit in the chair!




































                                    ABSOLUTELY  PICTURE  PERFECT!!






                                                Getting to know everyone!!



































          Here i am still back at my old home with big boy daddy!







    SOLD! My new owner is Jessica Hanvey from New York!! I am a surprise which will be exciting and Jessica said there is NOTHING like the heart of an English Mastiff... so true!  My name is Maximus..... I am one DANDY apricot male and take alot after my dad! Someday.... a BIG BOY! At 8 wks. when he flew he was 26 lbs!





























    SOLD! My owner is Ron Hanson from Escanaba Michigan. A BIG hello from Little Samson! I am a HANDSOME fawn male! I'm growing like a weed and won't be little long! I am a SOLID BOY boy showing alot of muscularity and size at such a young age! He is just TOP NOTCH! Look at his paws! He has good mass like his dad and AWESOME boning!













          SOLD!! My owner is Ashton Heintzelman from Mt. Pleasant MI!! My name is Chumley... an OUTSTANDING fawn male like my brother! I also take after my dad and have the same characteristics as he does! A DANDY! I will be going everywhere with my new family and they are going to take out the back seat in their vehicle to make room for me when I get BIG!




























    Here are some pictures of the puppies at play!! For all of you to enjoy like we do!! BIG BOY daddy is in the first picture with the female going to Germany and a St. Bernard puppy. He is sooo good with ALL dogs and people!













          Look at all those    wrinkles!!







                        And sooo filled out and fat!










                         AS ALWAYS A BIG THANK~YOU FOR













































Puppy Pawz

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