Here is our IMPORTED girl from ROMANIA!!!! She is one nice

thick~boned dog and looks alot like a male!!! She has a nice big

blocky~head on her and very nice saint temperament. She is a

fluffy long~hair.






      We got her all the way from ROMANIA!!! And we are VERY

PROUD of her!!! She has ALOT of good QUALITIES to pass along to

her puppies!! She has been a healthy dog for us and has done us well!! 

We feed her a grain~free diet and keep her up on her wormings and

vaccinations. We just love it she has such a nice head on her and is so

thick boned and solid!! Also new lines to incoporate into our breeding







      is of her long~hair past puppies!! Gives you

an idea what they look like.....she went to live in Lansing to a

WONDERFUL home there!!!  She is super sweet

and frienldy....has ALOT of spunk!!! BOTH of her parents

are IMPORTED!!! Sire is from NORWAY and mother is from

ROMANIA!!! THANX for looking!!! 













                                      .....this puppy has found her new home!! Lucky new owners

                                     because she is one nice puppy!!!!







                                                         ....who can resist SUCH CUTENESS!!! 






                                                                         ....look at those paws!!!













                                                      ....always playing ALWAYS dirty!!! Lol







                                                                  ....wowe look at the solidness!!! 













                                              ....just look at her nice head and THICK body!!!

























                                                              ....checking out a glove!!!




















































































































                                                                      and my puppy!!!







                                                                   ....just LOOK at me here!!!







                          THIS is PICTURE PERFECT!!! Who could resist???












                                                   ....just TOO DARLING for  words!!!!




















          ....below is Lucky Girl Transylvania Giant as a puppy!!! And boy is she

EVER a CUTIE!!!! I wish for that cute puppy stage again!!!! The first 2

pictures are of her when she was actually still in ROMANIA!!!                     

































































                     ....Now below are pictures of her puppies....they are long hair you an idea what they look like and how cute they REALLY are!!!
















                                            is another long~hair female......









































                      IF you are EVER INTERESTED in a puppy from our ROMANIA

girl please let us know!!! Full registration is $2,500 and pet price is $2,000.

Email or text~ 989~763~6319 ANYTIME!!! There is also a contact from on

this website you may use as well!!! As always thanx for taking the time to

look at our puppies and dogs!!! We hope to share the JOY with you!!!




























Puppy Pawz

Text: 989 763 6319