... A Mastiff is man's BIGGEST BEST friend!!










   Here is a Mastiff that represents the breed WELL!! Altho

he is not our dog we are hoping to get a puppy from him!!! I

just L O V E the looks of him!! He is an INTER. CH and

MULTI. CH!!!!!










     As we gaze at our giant Mastiffs, snoozing by our feet or

sleeping comfortably on our sofas, every PROUD owner likes

to believe that his dog is the direct descendant of a 

 and NOBLE molaser from centuries past.

Such a ROMANTIC notion makes us feel that our Mastiff is

more dignified and pure!!!








    Indeed the Mastiff derives from the Old World, and there

is plenty of evidence to substantiate this claim. Deriving

from the ancient dogs of the Old World, the Mastiff is one  of

the oldest breeds of dog.









    Today's breed is MASSIVE, POWERFUL, and IMPRESSIVE in

EVERY imaginable way. The English Mastiff is a British breed

which descended from the Alcaunt  and other molasers many

years ago.








    "Mastiff" likely derives from the Anglo - Saxon word

"masty" meaning  "powerful". In Roman times, the Mastiff

was employed as a war dog and fighter, put in the Arena

against gladiators, bears, and even elephants.








     Who dares awaken the noble giant? Who would doubt

this molaser's purity and bravery?








     In just 2 words I can sum up the Mastiff's temperament:

GENTLE GIANT. The Mastiff is a self - confident dog that knows

he is powerful and never acts without provocation or reason.

This is a family dog that likes to be in the company of his

owner and feels a particular liking towards children of whom

he is keenly protective.








    When the Mastiff is involved in the family life he is

serene, docile, and able to give humans the BEST of himself.

He prefers a loving stroke, a kind word, or an appreciative

look more than any tidbit or treat.








    Sensitivity is another of the Mastiff's SPECIAL traits. The

Mastiff is keenly tune to his master, knowing a person's

feelings and reacting to them in a surprising way. If you are

sad, he is the first to approach you with a sympathetic

tongue. If you are in pain, he will stay unobtrusively by your

side, as if trying to console you. If you are excited about

something, the Mastiff will share in your joy by running

playfully around you with a SPECIAL sparkle in his eyes and

an unmistakable smile on his face!!!









                      THESE SPECIAL QUALITIES


                          ENABLE THE MASTIFF TO GET


                                        UNDER OUR SKIN.......


                            TO KNOW US MUCH BETTER.....


                                           THAN WE KNOW OURSELVES.







    Here is a picture of a CORRECT Mastiff. This dog is a show dog

and is a INTER. CH and MULTI. CH This is not my dog only a picture

of a GOOD~LOOKING representative of the breed!!! I WISH he was

mine!!!! We are H O P I N G for a puppy from this A W E S O M E









     Here are some physical characteristics of the Mastiff...









    SUBSTANCE:  Massive, heavy - boned with a powerful

muscle structure.







    TOP~LINE:   In profile the top line should be straight, level,

and firm.








    HEAD: In general outline giving a massive appearance

when viewed from any angle.








    NOSE:   Broad and always dark in color, with spread flat

nostrils in profile.









    SIZE:   The Mastiff has a shoulder height of 27 - 30 in. and

weighs 150 - 200 lbs. It is the largest breed by weight.

Mastiffs have a VERY large head with a short, wide muzzle

and v - shaped ears. They have a flat back, high - set, low -

hanging tail and large round feet.









    CHARACTER:   The Mastiff is  confident, dignified, and VERY

gentle - natured. Mastiffs rarely bark, but they are not fond of

strangers and will defend their territory and family when

necessary, making excellent guard dogs.









    TEMPERAMENT:   The Mastiff is good with children, and

gets along WELL with other dogs and household pets if

properly socialized. In a family he will permit the children to

play with him and will suffer all their little pranks without









    ACTIVITY:  In spite of it's large size, the adult Mastiff has

only an average need for exercise. It enjoys walks or to play

in a large fenced - in - yard. Puppy Mastiffs should not be

over exercised... the Mastiff requires all of it's energy to

grow strong bones and put on weight.







                 ENJOY YOUR MASTIFF!! HE IS WORTH IT!!!     


































































Puppy Pawz


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