Letter of Reference...             










                        To whom it may concern - 







   I am not new to the dog fancy. I have bred, shown, and even

imported various breeds. Our passion is training and we have a long

background in repairing behavioral problems in rescue dogs. We

know first hand careless breeding can result in dogs having poor

health and unstable mental processes that make life harder and

shorter than those born to caring breeders. 







  This evening I visited the residence of Rebekah Peters to look over

and possibly choose a St. Bernard puppy for sale to be our family








  I met her adult St. Bernards - 2 females and 1 male.







  ALL 3 dogs were visited by me, petted by me and my husband. The

dogs were clean, healthy, and cheerfully friendly and well mannerd (

to us - total strangers). 






  I saw the small, warm, well - lit and well appointed kennel building

where both litters of the puppies were housed. One dam sweetly

nursed her puppies and welcomed us with relaxed affection. 






  The small building was clean, and showed all signs of being KEPT

clean and organized without being sterile or depressing. This

whelping building is no " shed out back"! 






  One of the MOST impressive things we saw was upon our entry...






  There was a small toddler - Rebekah's daughter - in one of the 2

large whelping pens with the puppies. 






   The little girl, during our visit also wandered over to the nursing

dam and her puppies and was warmly regarded by the dam and her

pups. I cannot tell overstate how impressed I was with not only the

puppies and dogs sweetness to the little girl, but how casually the

little girl regarded the puppies. You could tell she and the dogs spent

considerable pleasant time together. 






  So this can be taken as excellent exposure to well - behaved

children, or as a character statement to the dogs stable affectionate

temperament, or both - but either way, was a definate BIG  plus in our







  It was a long drive for us - and the weather was terrible - white

knuckle driving on black ice freeway where we drove 20 mph for a

half hour of the trip. 






  I respect that not everyone who sees the puppies online can make

such a trip to evaluate puppies like we did tonight. However, if you

have concerns about what conditions these pups are being raised in,

what the parents are like, ect. ect. I would be happy to answer any

questions based on my observations this evening. 







  This was not the first St. Bernard litter we have considered as I am a

rather exacting person - not only for the quality of the dog being bred

but the breeders I chose to support. 







  I am completely thrilled with the pup and we chose to put our non -

refundable deposit on the puppy with no hesitation. 







                                                   Randa Crouch ~             

                SW Lower Michigan

                              Wednesday, February 24th ,  2010




Puppy Pawz


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