Some of the BEST representatives 


               .......of ANY breed,


                                  can be found,


                           sitting on their owner's couch~












                         PUPPIES ARE WORTH



                             ~A THOUSAND WORDS







                 ENJOY   THE   PICTURES   BELOW.....






I am one stunning long~hair boy!! I went to live in New

York with a  very nice family there!! Thay had been

scammed before on the internet and were leary of

purchasing again online....but I assured them all would

be well and below is the boy they got!! His sire is from

Norway and he is a very nice big boy!!



















I went to Illinois!!! I was a wonderful natured

long~hair boy with my sire coming from a show kennel

in Norway!! Very nice family with 2 children i went to

live with! I am splashed up very beautifully!!! 











 are some 2017 Christmas pictures they sent me in his new

home!! Just to cute!!! 




















I am a long~hair female and i stayed here in good ol

MICHIGAN!!! I went to the nicest lady!! I am a spunky

girl and have never met a stranger!!! 













     Hello....I live out of state...i am one sharp

looking rough coat male!! Here are some

pictures of me at 1 yr. of age!! Below is my chair

i get to sit on in the house!!














        HELLO!!! I went to Jerry Swindle from Alabama!! His neighbor is

news~reporter Chelsea Barton that also bought a puppy from Puppy

Pawz and they got together one day so their dogs could meet! Sire






     ...I am the smaller puppy...the larger one is also from Puppy

Pawz....his name is Gent and he is the news reporters pet.....



















       Here are some male litter pics.....Sire is from Norway!! All

rough coat males.....very nice heads on them and great










































      Yippee i went all the way to ALASKA!!! When we got there

they told us it was their very FIRST puppy they have EVER

shipped there!!! What a lucky puppy to be able to go to such a

beautiful spot!! Nice owners i have as well!!!

























       And i went to Indiana to Jessica Ringer!! Im a BEAUTIFUL

rough coat girl.....sire is IMPORTED from NORWAY!!! I am a

curious play~full girl with LOTS of spunk!!!



















          My MOTHER was IMPORTED from NORWAY!! She comes

from a show kennel there and dogs from that kennel have the

MOST winning titles a dog can have!! I went to live in Alabama

to a lady who works as a news reporter!! I was on newscast one

eve for a name search for me and viewers emailed my owner their

selections! The chosen name for me was Gent!!






























     And I am brother to the puppy above me!! My mother

comes from Norway!! I am one smashing good~looking smooth

coat male!! Very large head on me and thick solid body and

legs!! I went to Wyoming to live with Ashley Cardenas!! A nice

family who couldnt wait until I got there!!















     Hi there!! I went to live in Telluride Colorado!! A VERY

lucky puppy with a FANTASTIC scenery view!!! I have an

older saint playmate and am a very loved boy!! Below is

also a picture of well as me!! My beloved

owners are Adam Combs and Brittni Jarett.....



















         I went to live with David Spies from

Virginia!! He absolutely LOVES me and said I

am the "PERFECT" fir for his family!! He would

like a playmate friend for me sometime from

the male "Duke" from Puppy Pawz....






















       Howdy from Tank!!! I live in North Dakota

with Ashley Smith and her wonderful family!!

say i am a GREAT dog and were so happy to

find me!!!





















    I live in Arizona with Rhonda Gray!! Before i

left she just could not get me fast enough!!!

Rhonda is a great owner for me!! I am a

HANDSOME smooth coat male....








             ABSOLUTELY picture perfect!!!












         I am a GORGEOUS rough coat female and i

am privileged to live right here in Michigan

with Geoff and Charity Railer!! My name is

"Lexi" and while i was at Puppy Pawz i was

their daughter "Lexi's" FAVORITE puppy!!!















    I also live in Michigan with Caitlin

Swendizowski!! She chose a St. Bernard for the

breed she wanted to go with!! Her fiance told

her that was a GREAT breed to go with!! I am

an AWESOME smooth coat male.....












    My name is Lucy!! A beautiful dark

mahoghany coat color.....i have!! I live with

Doug and Bethany White from Illinois!! And am

spoiled rotten!














     I have a really fancy name...Chiquatina!!!

And live in the Sunshine State....Florida!! My

owner is Alice Hernandez and she threw a big

party for me when i arrived with a cake and

all!! I'm a fluffy rough coat female!!
















    My name is "Kaydee" and i live in Oklahoma

with Art and Jeannie Pope. They could not wait

to have a saint in the house again!! And were

looking for a nice smooth coat female which is

nice for the hot weather!!











    I went ALL the way to Montana to live with

Danny and Stacy McIntosh!!! I'm a rough coat

female and have a great personality!! Very

pretty lucious coat!!
















        And i didn't go so far from home!! A

neighboring state...Ohio to live with Dan and

Tina Zeulch!! They have had saints in the past

and it was time for another addition!!!










   ...Howdy! My name is Shiva Cassidy!  My

AWESOME owners are Craig and Rachel

Watkins from Eureka California. They are VERY

excited about their new family member! Craig

has wanted a St. Bernard for 20 years now... and

his DREAM has come true! She is having a

WONDERFUL life by the ocean~ A view of the

ocean in front of their house and the Redwoods

behind! Rachel calls her "little miss social!!"

















































   ...HELLO from Reno Nevada!! My

WONDERFUL family is Tommi Aime and John

Sarretea. Tommi was on the list for a rough

coat male.... and is so glad I am hers!! My name

is Zeus....




















































     My name is Dozer and I went to live with

Scott Davis from Oklahoma!! His son had been

asking for a St. Bernard for a LOOONG time!!

And when Dozer arrived he was a complete










                                                 He looks SOOO comfy!!













     My owner is Anita Goff from West Virginia!! She drove ALL

the way to Michigan to pick me up all by herself!! How fortunate i

am!! I will be a well~trained therapy dog. My name is Tehya and I am

a GORGEOUS rough coat female.
















































 THANK~YOU for looking at our past puppy pics!!! It is our pleasure

to provide you with your new fmaily member!!! Feel free to contact us











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