.....Our beautiful dam from Serbia!!! Her name is JADE..... 








......we are in LOVE with this STUNNING long~hair girl!! She has

a VERY VERY nice big blocky head on her....just love her head!! As

you can tell in her pictures!!! 







.....Jade also has very nice boning....thick solid bones....Jade also

has a straight top~line and good skin pigment!! 





....Jade has a wonderful personality!! Could not ask for better!!

She loves to be around the family and is very out~going!!!  She is

just so super sweet!!!  She also is perfectly healthy!!! We take very

good care of her and she has done nothing but excellent!!! 





....she is just simply a beauty!!  Below are her pictures for you to























































































































































































































































































































































....ENJOY....!!  And thank~you for checking out Puppy Pawz!! It

is a great compliment for you to choose your new family member

and very BEST friend from us!!!!  









Puppy Pawz


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