.....Below are pictures of past puppies that

          Puppy Pawz has raised.....enjoy the pictures

          and let us know if you would ever be

                interested in owning one for yourself.....!!!!








                                   .....Money can buy a fine dog...but only LOVE can

                                       make him wag his tail.....







....here is one of our swiss ear boys!!! Very large and heavy boned

boy and also healthy as can be!!! 



















                               ....a handsome hospice ear boy!!!! Just love these swiss

cool marked up puppies!! 









































































 HELLO!!! I am a BEAUTIFUL long~hair girl!! I went to a VERY nice

family in TEXAS!!! I was a Christmas surprise for my owner!! His

parent purchased me and I camped out at their house until Christmas!!

So he thought I had long been gone!! Until Christmas day!! And there i

was!! I get to go to the shop with my owner and what fun!!! She is a

gorgeous fun girl!!! Sire is from Norway and mother is from Czech












































Here are some FUN pics of 4 long~hair litter~mate boys!! Sire is from

an AMAZING show kennel in Norway and mother comes from Czech

Republic!! These 4 boys went all over the place!!! California, North

Carolina, Indiana, and New York!!!















And here is sweetheart Mandy!!! She went to a WONDERFUL

hoe in Pennsylvania!!! She has many other canine friends!! Her owner

looked all over the USA for a St. Bernard puppy and she was the BEST

she could find!! Now that is a WONDERFUL compliment for Puppy

Pawz!!! If you are ever interested in a puppy as well feel free to contact

us!!! Because Mandy is a beauty!!!!



































































I am a long~hair girl and i went to live with a vet in Ohio!!! I was a

Christmas surprise and my owner picked me up and took me back to

the rest of the family and they hadn't known a thing!! What a

wonderful surprise!!! A St. Bernard puppy!! My sire is from Norway

and my mother came from Czech Republic!!! I am an epic beauty!!! 

























 I am one STUNNER of a long~hair boy!! I live in Tennessee~ I was a

Christmas surprise....my families mother had passed away and it was

her dream to have a St. Benard someday for herslef and daughter so the

rest of the family made that dream come true!!! They came and picked

me up and it was a surprise until she saw me!! When she did she

screamed and picked me up!! It was so sweet!!! Now they would like a

female from a future litter~ They looked all over for a St. Bernard

puppy and when they saw me they knew it was meant to be!! My sire

is from Norway and my mother all the way from South Africa!!!! I

have a very nice head on me and wonderful personality!!! 




































My owners got married in June....and said now we need a dog!!! I am

their first St. Bernard!!! I am one STUNNER of a long~hair boy and

super friendly and sweet!! Nice dark mask on me and lovely head!! I

home is in Ohio with a very nice couple!!! I have the coveted monks













































 Was cutting lawn this summer and my help was taking a nap!!! It

truly is a dog's life!!! Alex Bloeser is my son who got Bernie from you

over 6 years ago!!! 









.....here is DOZER!!! And he went to Massachusetts!! Dozer was

actually the 2nd St. Bernard they purchased from Puppy Pawz!!!

Repeat customers are always a HUGE compliment for us!!! Dozer

is an AMAZING dog with a great personality and is absolutely

spoiled rotten!!!! 












....i am a long~hair female and i went to Colorado!! They are also

repeat customers!!! She is loved beyond measure and has a great

life there!!! Look at her and you will simply fall in love!!! 





















.....my first puppy to go the AWESOME UPPER PENINSULA of MICHIGAN!!! She gets to go to work and is a community hit!!! We met up by the might Mackinac bridge!!! 














 I live in North Carolina!!! I flew there on an airplane!! I also am

their very first St. Bernard!!! Once they have me they will be HOOKED

for life!!! My sire came from Norway and my mother from Czech

Republic!! I am one seety of a boy and simply stunning!!! Very

darkface mask and wonderful markings and features!! They sure picked

a winner that time!!! 

















 California!!! I went to a VERY nice lady that has purchased a female

from Puppy Pawz before and now she got a male!!! How nice is that!!!

Alot of puppies go to California and it is ALWAYS a wonderful

compliment to have repeat buyers!!! We want you to be ahppy with our

work and PROUD of your choice!!! This long~hair boy is AMAZING!!

Love his beauty mark!! Nice head and very friendly fella!!!













































 I stayed in the good ol' state of Michigan!!! My owners had looked

for a St. Bernard for a long time!! They were going to New York for one

and then saw me!! Cancelled out on New York and I was the chosen

beauty!!! What a beauty I am!!! I am full of life and spunk!!! And get

to got to work with my owner!!! They own horses and other animals

so I have a wonderful life!!! My sire is from Norway and my mother

from South Africa!!! 



































Here she is in her new home!!! What a chunk!!! I ALWAYS LOVED this

girl from the beginning!!! 









 Both of my parents were IMPORTED from NORWAY!! From 2

different show kennels there!! I have an absolutely AMAZING head on

me and very solid body!!! I went to Missouri and they wished they had

found Puppy Pawz long ago!!! They had been looking at dogs in

Norway and then saw me right here!! I am very gentle as you can see
























 Hello!!! My name is Olive and I went to Washington!! I am one stunner of

a girl!! Nice head on me and thick solid body!!! My owners say I am

possibly the BEST dog they have ever owned!!! Now how about that!!!! 


























 Remi~Storm...one BEAUTIFUL female raised at Puppy Pawz!!! I reside

down south and get MANY MANY COMPLIMENTS!!! I guess you can see











                ....here is our long~hair boy we raised.....he went to live in New York

and his name is Yogi!!! VERY nice boy....thick~boned and nice blocky~head on

him!! His sire we IMPORTED from Norway!!!































                         ....i am a long~hair male....my sire was IMPORTED from

NORWAY!! And i went to live in Detroit Michigan!!! They had

contacted Puppy Pawz a year before they got me and it had never

worked out to get a puppy until now.....i am SO LUCKY!!!

















                        ....now my owners from Indiana had been looking for a male

for a couple years already.....!! And when they saw me....well that did

it!!! They were beyond excited to be able to get me even tho i DID have

several people that wanted me!!! I am TRULY a LOOKER!!!





























            Now these are kind of some "special" pictures!!! All 3

boysthat were in the same litter laying side by side!!! It's just TO



















                        ....i went to live with a Dr. here in Michigan that delivers

babies!! Very nice home!!! I am long~hair female....with a wonderful

personality!! My sire was IMPORTED from Norway and I come from































                           ....I am one of those jaw dropping long~hair girls....with my

sire being IMPORTED from NORWAY!!! I went to OREGON!!!

WOWZIE!!! Wonderful personality girl and absolutely beautiful!!!

                                              Just look at me!! 


















                     TEXAS BOUND i was!!! I was a referal from someone else who

had purchased a puppy from Puppy Pawz!! And that's the BEST kind

of advertisement there is!!! They said I am a REAL HIT down there and































                             I went to NEW YORK!!! I am a long~hair female....sire

was IMPORTED from NORWAY!!! Beautiful girl!!! Loved people and

was socialized with childrena nd animals as well!!! I was TRULY a




































              Now i was SOME sort of SPECIAL!!! My sire was

IMPORTED from NORWAY and my mother was IMPORTED from

ROMANIA!!! How COOL is that???!!! I am a long~hair female with a

wonderful personality!! I went to live with some great people in

Lansing Michigan!!! 

















     Here is a rough coat~long~hair female that went to

Jenna Olsen from Michigan!! Jenna does a GREAT job in

sending pics of their puppy so i can post them for you

see!!! This puppy's sire we  IMPORTED from NORWAY!!!

And her mother we IMPORTED from SWEDEN!!!!

is in her new home!!! ENJOY!!!



































         ...the pictures below are when she was still at Puppy Pawz.....












































         ....and of ALL things a VERY nice couple from West

Virginia took 2 puppies from the same litter!!! They drove out

here for the male....and then in 2 wks. turned around and

came for the female!! Now they are litter~mate play~mates!!! I

was SO pleased that they found such a NICE home!!!







  ....here is the male....a rough coat, sire is from Norway,mother  is from Sweden......he

is one DANDY boy right here!!!      




























                  ....this is the female from the  same litter.....

























               And this rough coat girl went to Chicago to Nicole

Dulla!!! She got her as a christmas present!! Very sweet

couple who loved their puppy!!! This puppy's dad was

IMPORTED from NORWAY and mother all the way from

SWEDEN!!! Very healthy and active parents!!!




















  THANKS SO MUCH for taking the time to look through all of

our puppy pics!!! It is our greatest pleasure to have you choose one of

our puppies into your family!! We strive hard to give you the BEST!!!

We want you to be happy with our work and your purchase!!! If you

are ever interested in one of our puppies feel free to contact us

anytime!! There is a contact form on this website or email....








Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319