The puppy you receive guarantees you will receive a baby that is

ready to be loved. We strive to deliver your new bundle of joy to

you with ease, by making all the preparations. All you must do is

be ready to embrace the new addition to your family. Rest assured

that your new puppy will be handled with care from the moment it

is born until he or she leaves our care and is passed on to you. 



Breaking it down: the travel fees pay for:


~A travel crate, health certificate, and flight.


~We use Delta, United or American airlines to ship out our

precious puppies!!!  They are superior in handling and caring for

live animals. 





Puppy sold as pet/breeder both have NO guarantee on puppy

disposition, conformation, size, weight, color, or breeding ability.

Breeders ARE guaranteed AKC papers for show/breeding rights. 



Puppy Pawz does not guarantee against the following including

but not limited to, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), kennel cough,

coccidia, giardia, ear mites, or infections of the ear, ear position,

worms, hernias, fleas and ticks or any other treatable issue.

Umbilical and inguinal hernias are not covered as they are

common and easily fixed when you have your puppy spayed or





Puppy well checks, grooming, vaccines, deworming, parasites,

colds, upset stomach, diarrhea, dental care, or other minor

ailments will NOT be covered or reimbursed by the seller or Puppy





Minor health problems that such as diarrhea, coccidiosis, wormy

stool, ect. is common in puppies and may occur and must be

treated.  These conditions are the responsibility of you, the buyer.

Minor health problems that can be cured by medication or surgery

are NOT covered by any guarantee. Environmental issues can

influence how a puppy turns out. 




All of our puppies have routine deworming treatments every 2

weeks and vaccinations prior to leaving our facility. Deposits will

not be refunded unless severe illness or death of your puppy occurs

before pick~up or delivery. No exceptions.




As of the date of delivery, your puppy has received proper

vaccinations, dewclaws removed, a well puppy exam from a

licensed veterinarian, and has been dewormed multiple times. You

will need to follow up with future dewormings and vaccinations

that will be due. 




Although we have never experienced any of the following ailments

with our puppies, there are certain disorders that may be caused

by environmental factors, and be treated with medicine or surgery:

such as not limited to:

allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, cancer, tumors,

bloat, murmurs, seizures, eye entrophian, cherry eye, hip and elbow

dysplasia, growths, scabies, mite related illness, parasites, viral

infections, and other autoimmune disorders which ARE NOT

COVERED. We realize these are living things. They are our babies

and we try our best. There is no perfect animal yet perfect in our





We do our BEST to breed and raise happy healthy puppies for you

and it is our pleasure for you to choose Puppy Pawz!!! Our

children help with socializing the puppies and always can't wait

for us to have some puppies to play with!!! 






Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319