....to the page of......FOLLY OD KLASTERNICH











I would like to introduce you to

our AMAZING IMPORTED long~hair girl we got ALL the way













We call her Folly for short!!! She is the NICEST tempered saint

there ever was!! She has LOTS of dark black on her face which i

dearly LOVE!!! Folly has a nice blocky~ head, a straight top~line,

and good features and anatomy. 









Folly is a heavy~boned dog...she comes from a very good line of

dogs!!We have had no health issues with her whatsoever and she

has only done us well!! I honestly can't brag her up enough!!!  








Folly is a dark mahogany....which is the dark color i LOVE!!! We

feed her a grain~free dog~dog food along with a raw food diet. I

really do believe it makes a big difference in her puppies being on

raw foods!! They are born large and nice sized and very healthy!!!

They are STRONG puppies and you can tell they just thrive!!! 








If you are ever interested in one of Folly's

most BEAUTIFUL puppies definately let me know!! I fell in love

with her puppy pictures at one point and have never been

disappointed!!! She has the coveted monks cap!!! She has a great

temperament, no aggression, and is very friendly....not a shy or

skittish dog at all.... 









 Males and females......pet price....$2,000


 Full AKC registration for  show/breeding rights......$2,500








Below are pics of Folly and her parents so you can see

how IMPRESSIVE she really is!!! 









....here is Folly's sire......Carlos OD Klasternich IESU....what a

STUNNING sire!!!


























Carlos OD Klasternich IESU....what a nice looking boy!!









....Carlos OD Klasternich IESU......










....sire of Folly.....just LOVE that dark red mahogany coat......









....this is Folly's mother.....Brenda OD Klasternich IESU....one VERY

good~looking smooth coat girl!!! 









....here is Folly as a puppy!!! She is too cute and has a monks cap!!

























....Folly....as a puppy!! Just to cute for words!! And good~looking!! 



























....Folly OD Klasternich LESU....as she is today!!! Just LOTS of

beautiful black on her face!!!! Just look at her!! EVERYONE LOVES

her puppies!! They are VERY healthy and strong!! And she also throws

puppies with dark black masks and they sell quickly!!!






























































































.....LOVE ALL that black on her head!!! 















































 Here are some of Folly's past puppies....they were AMAZING!! And

people just LOVED them!! They sold out fast!!! They had such nice

dark black masks and full~masks....and were very beautifully

marked!!! I hope you ENJOY them too!!! If you are ever interested in

one of Folly's puppies do not hesitate to shoot me an email!!! 







 Here is Charlie~Mac...and he went to live with a Frenchman in

Manhattan New York!!! He was walking in Manhattan one day and

saw a St. Bernard...He inquired of it's owners where they got their

St.Bernard from and they gave him Puppy Pawz website!! He then

called and wondered if i had any males left and I had one DANDY boy

left!!! He said....he is mine!!! And that is the story of how Charlie~Mac

landed in Manhattan!! Charlie goes with his owner everywhere and is

with him 24/7!!! He couldn't have a better life!!! He said he cannot take

him anywhere without getting asked where he got him from!!! 



































































































































Here is Mandy~a BEAUTIFUL long~hair girl!! She went to

Pennsylavania!! Her owner said she searched the whole USA over and

she was the BEST she could find!!! Now that is a GREAT compliment!!

Mandy is a wonderful girl and went to lovely family!! Very nice

personality and super friendly!!! 

































































 Here are some FUN picuteres!!! These are 4 long~hair boy

litter~mates!!! Spread out all over!!! California, North Carolina, New

York, and Indiana!!! GORGEOUS BOYS!!














 HELLO!!! I am a long~hair girl and I went to TEXAS!!! I was a

Christmas surprise for my owner and camped out at his folks house

until Christmas day!! He had no idea I was anywhere around and

thought I had long been sold to someone else!! Then on Christmas day

there I was...a total surprise!! I go to his shop with hima nd everyone

loves me!!! What a neat surprise!!! 




































I am EXTREMELY CUTE!! I went to live in Ohio with a vet

there!!! That will be some good advertsing!! We met them at the

Ohio/Michigan border and this long~hair female was a Christmas

surprise for the family and it was successfully pulled off!!! Very nice

healthy girl with lots of love to give!!! 






















 Here is one DANDY long~hair boy!! He went all the way to

NORTH CAROLINA!! He was the first St. Bernard they have ever had

and i told them they will forever be hooked now!! They loved the care

package and also the puppy and his personality!!! He has a nice

full~mask and classic markings! Very nice stunning boy!!! 
















Now here is a good looking long~hair boy!!! He went to Stanton

Michigan!!! His owner has purchased a female from Puppy Pawz in the

past and now purchased a male!!! Always nice to have repeat

customers and know they loved the puppy they got from you

previously!!! I think he is super cute and love that beauty mark!!! He is

the friendliest chap!!! Loves people and children and is always holding

it out for attention!!! 












































 I went to Matt Carver from Indiana!!! They got married in June and

decided they needed a dog!!! A complimnet they chose theirs from

Puppy Pawz!! And this was their first St. Bernard!! He will have a

wonderful home with them!! He is a long~hair boy with the coveted

monks cap!!! Very HANDSOME boy with a perfect head on him!!! 










































This gives you an idea what Folly's off~spring look like and some

of the LOVELY families they went too!! We are VERY PLEASED with

their homes and if you would like to give one of our puppies a home

then feel free to conatct us!! We welcome your inquiries!!! 





Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319