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.....ALL breeds....ALL Life's stages......fed from weaning throught the

dogs whole life......




Flourish..... is all you need to feed....alot went into the creation of it.

It's truly in my opinion the BEST food on the market!!! There is alot of

science behind it and I think you will appreciate it. The food has the

proper vitamin and mineral balance as is. 





You can order this dog~food online for $68.99 dollars a bag....40 lb.

bags and free shipping! 















 We have tried about every brand of dog~food out there it seems!!!

And were never truly happy with the brand we were using....always a

problem of some sort!! I am always game to try new things esp. if it is

for the better!! I know the breeder that came up with this food and he

truly has outstanding dogs!! He excells in the dog world so why

wouldn't he with the food!! Flourish is what I would reccomend for

your puppy you get here from Puppy Pawz....that is the food he/she

will be on when you get them from us.....!!! 






 I was asking the founder of Flourish dog~food a few questions one

day and he sent me the link to this dog~food. I no doubt jumped right

on board and ordered some as I can easily relate to what he says on his

website!! I HOPE you enjoy the science and story behind it as much as

I did and that you will feed it to your pet as well!!! Please read over

the website and conclude for yourself if this isn't the BEST dog~food

out there for your furry friend!!!! 








 Here at Flourish Pet Products our mission is to awaken the full

potential of our animal friends, and empower all caretakers to bring

out the best in their animals!!! We are very excited to be introducing

the first hormone conscious pet Food, Supplements, and high quality

tools that over the last 5 years have been painstakingly formulated,

tested, and engineered by a loving, nationally award winning breeder,

and dog owner. Here at Flourish it is our duty to help caring owners

reduce the amounf of endocrine disrupters being fed to their dogs, in

turn, enabling every animal to live a more happy, healthy, and

productive life. We are here to help you awaken theri natural







Puppy Pawz


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