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     How should I feed my St. Bernard or English

Mastiff I purchase from you....?










   Here at Puppy Pawz this is how we feed our dogs

and puppies... a VERY good nutritional diet for the health

of our dogs and ALSO the health and quality of the puppies

being produced.







   No dog~food is perfect or completely balanced.

But... there are brands of dogfoods MUCH better than









    We are passionate about improving the health of

your pet through better nutrition. With BETTER ingredients

and better nutrition, you can help your pet maintain proper

body weight, reduce risk of allergies, and ENJOY a

LONGER, HEALTHIER life by maintaining a HEALTHY diet.









   The key for your dog is to look impressive but not

overweight. Let your dog grow at a slow steady pace....

healthy.... and live a GOOD happy life! The better quality

of dogfood you use for your puppy the less it eats and the

more it uses that food. A dogfood with NO fillers in it...

ALL NATURAL with NO by~products such as corn, wheat,

or soy and gluten.








          Just like you, your pet needs variety for proper,

balanced nutrition. Eating the same thing every day may

contribute to the development of food allergies or lack of

interest at feeding time. To offer more variety to your

pet, simply rotate between flavors (like chicken, lamb,

rabbit) and/or forms (raw, kibble, cans).  There is no right

or wrong way to rotate..... variety is the key!!








   When our females are pregnant we mix raw meat










with their dogfood and keep it in front of them all the

time. It is also topped with raw eggs










every day and  rotated between vanilla yogurt











          and cottage cheese.












    Every day the female is given  














for her health and the for the health of the puppies being developed.









I also use Instinct raw meat at times, chicken or beef,

which is a complete and balanced diet.... 95% meat, 5%

vegetables, 0% grain.












   When we have puppies they are also fed the same

way. I mix raw meat with their kibble two times a day with

eggs on top. They absolutely love it!! They are also

healthier. I also feed my puppies canned meat... at least

when they are just learning to eat as the food is soft for

them. Taste of the Wild and Purina Pro Plan have been 2

brands I have been really happy with!!











   Since dogfoods are not totally perfect rotate your

dogs food between kibble and a raw food diet every couple

of months.






  Supplement with:



 Raw meat: 




































                Listed are some good brands of dogfoods

to use. For example good dogfood companies have

1 pet food "type" for ALL Life Stages. Most

dogfood manufacturers have done a great job

marketing various categories of pet foods to best

suit themselves or to increase sales. You may

check online for a dealer near you or order them 









~Here is number 1 brand of dog~food on the market!!!! 







   ~Taste of The Wild~


















    ~Nurti~Life Gold~


















           Planet Organics


           Pure Vita


           Precise Holistic Complete


           Precise and Precise Plus


           Great Life


           Nature's Domain


           Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken and Rice


           Innova Evo










    REMEMBER.... that when the ingredients

show fresh chicken than meat meals of any kind

second that the dry meals always make up the

larger portion of the pet food.







   The pet digests food on a "dry matter basis" and

since the fresh meat or poultry or fish has considerable

moisture in it and everything is dried to 10%~12% moisture

for packaging that the ingredients that start out dry like

the chicken meal, turkey meal, and fish meals will

ultimately become the highest percentage of ingredients

based on "dry matter" content of the food.








   While the initial pounds of fresh chicken and salmon

will be higher than the chicken, turkey, and herring meal

the pet actually digests dry matter and therefore the

label, when calculated on a dry matter basis, may well

read; chicken meal, turkey meal, herring meal, than fresh

chicken and salmon ect.








    Just an example of how we can get mislead by

labeling. It would be interesting to see the labels on pet

foods listed on a dry matter basis.



















Puppy Pawz


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