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Place...1 Puppy at a time!!!

































   Puppies come with LOTS of  love and a


                               LIFETIME of breeder support!














    ~Below are past puppies from.....


                                  PUPPY  PAWZ!!!   ENJOY!!!










 HELLO from TEXAS!!! My name is Remi Storm!!! She has absolutely

stolen the hearts of everyone that meets her!!! Remi's owners are so

thank~ful for the love and care Puppy Pawz gives their saints and for

the quality of dogs of they raise!! They had a bad experience in the past

and now are ever so thank~ful for Remi!! Below are some of her

pics....she is ADORABLE!!! And has WONDERFUL owners!!!






























      These 2 boys went to live with Alyssa Moore from Michigan!! Alyssa took both

of these males from the same litter!! She had never even saw a St. Bernard before

but absolutely LOVED them!! They went to a VERY nice home!!! Allyssa is now

hoping to get a female form Puppy Pawz next!!! 

























 I went to a really nice family in Illinois and they sent me some super

cute Christmas pics in 2017!!! Here he is!!! A very nice long~~hair

boy!!! His dad was IMPORTED from NORWAY!! Who could resist

that CUTE face!! 






















                           I went to an AMAZING home in New York!!! They had

another St. Bernard for me to play with and we bonded very well!!!

They said they could NOT be happier!! Below I am in my new home in

New York......















My name is Tuck!!! My sire was IMPORTED from NORWAY and my

mother from SOUTH AFRICA!! So I am actually quite FAMOUS!!! Ha!

Anywasy I went to the AWESOME state of Texas to a wonderful

couple there....that have wanted a saint all their lives....and could not

wait for my arrival!!! Below are pics of Tuck....the first 4 are of him in

Texas....with his new owners......
























































....i went to live in Harper Woods Michigan.....and i am for a little

5~year old girl!!! They have not had a dog for 9 years and never a large

breed dog so they are VERY EXCITED about getting me!!! I am a

female....sire from NORWAY and motehr from half~way around the

world....South Africa!!! Just look at my beautiful dark coat color.....just

LOVE it!!!

































....and i went all the way to California!!! My sire was IMPORTED

from NORWAY and my mother from SOUTH AFRICA!!! I am one

GOOD~LOOKING boy that's for sure!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! 
























My name is Barrett....i am a long~hair male and went to live in

Alabama!! My owner is going to start raising St. Bernards and would

also like to get a female from Puppy Pawz!! They were SO ahppy to get

me and said I represented the breed well!!! I am QUITE the looker!!!

My sire is from Norway and my mother is from the other side of the

world!!! South Africa!!!






















...and my name is JOURNEY....given to me by my WONDERFUL

family from Ohio!!! They go on long vacations....thus the origin of my

name!!! I will go along!! My family has 13`year old twins and they are

going to be showing me and starting my in thr puppy classes at 3

months of age. My sire has MANY MANY CHAMPIONS in his

pedigree and comes from NORWAY and my mother is amazing and

comes from South Africa!!!
































     I am a BIG rough boy!! I went to Minnesota to live with a dentist

there....Venkatraman Duraiappa!! He was worried i would make a "mess" in my

crate when flying but i NEVER did!!! I am SUPER cute and have a great

personality!! A very nice mask and dark coat coloring!!
















     I went to owners are Joey and rachel Nuxoll. They also raise St.

Bernards and i have been a great addition to the tribe!! They absolutely LOVE me!!






















     I am a smooth coat male....and stayed here in Michigan!! my owner is Marvin

Owens....he had wanted a St. Bernard all his life and finally got one!!!














        HELLO!!! I went to live with Lance and Jennifer Berentson of North Dakota!!!

A GREAT family who....when they saw my face KNEW i was coming home to live

with them!!!




                                ~Here I am the day I got there!!








                                                        On the way home from the airport!!









                                                            ~My playmate!!!








                                                                              ~At the airport!!










                Oh boy!!! Guess where I went!!! I was imported to BRITISH COLUMBIA!!!

My FANTASTIC family is Doria and Lisa Newman! She feeds me the raw

diet.....and I LOVE everything!! When I was just 9 wks. old I walked 4 blocks on a

leash to McDonalds and Lisa gave me a treat when we got there!! So spoiled but

lovin' it!!!










      Howdy there!!! My name is Bailey and I went to live with the

Rumbo family in Texas!! I am a spoiled house dog and loved by







                   Here I am with my "top dog!!!"










                                               Watching the airplanes fly past!!!


















                                    Just gettn' tooo small at 12 wks. for this!!!









                                          My FAVORITE toy is the water hose!!










        Here she is still at our place...before she left for her new home....such a

SWEETHEART!!! We sure had fun with her when she was here!!









                               Here she was with our "big boy" Sampson...!!!








           .....and believe it or not here is a Mastiff girl from Puppy Pawz!! They named

her Kula Sundae.....she is a beautiful fawn brindle girl and was never afraid of

















          I went to live with Kaleb and Stacey Silverberg from Wisconsin!!

An awesome home for me and in 4 months they are going to welcome a

little baby into this world for me to grow up with!!!











            Hi there!! My name is Sabastian and I went to Colorado to live

with Angela Otberg!! She kept me a surprise from her children and got

me because I was ready to leave right at the time her mother died of

breast cancer a year before.









                          ~Just lickin' my lips!!!









      Howdy there!! My name is Prime....! I live with Robert Lane

from Michigan!! When he purchased me he was currently serving

in Afghanistan!! Robert said it made the stay much easier to have

a puppy to come home too!!!





















   HI!! My forever family is Frank and Nicole Schenk from

Michigan....!! I am their little girl "child"  and they also have a

2~yr. old Saint Bernard for me to play with also!! They said they

wished they would have found out about Puppy Pawz a long time










                             I am the little puppy......










    Jason and Kathy Wright from Michigan!! They wanted a Saint

Bernard ALL their life and now....they got one!! The first week he

went on a camping trip with them up North!!















    Hello!! I live with Teri Michel from Montana!! They are unable

to find any good Saint Bernards within their state and would like

to start raising them!! I flew a long ways away!! I am an

ADORABLE rough coat female!!











                                                         I am the one on the left!!






                          I am still on the left! They named me Goldie!!










        I went to live with Kristy Bias from West Virginia!! She drove

12 hrs. one way to pick me up!! She raises St. Bernards and I will

be an excellent breeder bitch for her! She is "cute as a button!!" We

met at a McDonalds and had breakfast there!! YUM!!!
















      My name is Mia.... A BEAUTIFUL rough coat female. I live with

Julie Charron of Michigan. She also raises mini horses and is going to

raise puppies in the future!!









  And Julie also bought ANOTHER female from Puppy Pawz!! I am

sooo pretty with that pink collar!











    My name is Bella.... I went to live with Rhiannon

Sundquist from Ontario Canada. They could NOT wait

to get me and her daughter would copy off my pictures

of me and hang them around in her bedroom before I

was old enough to leave!! In the first picture I am still at

Puppy Pawz sleeping with that DANDY import!! Smooth

coat female....




































   Howdy from Michigan!! My name is Lily and I went to

live with Rick and Brenda Haner. They have had a

really tough year and were REALLY looking forward to

me!! A FANTASTIC home for me!!   Smooth coat female....



























   AND..... Rick and Brenda Haner took 2 puppies at the

same time!! My name is Mia and I am a smooth coat

female!! How WONDERFUL!! Get all the training done

at once!! The Haners are a FANTASTIC home for these

puppies to be!!





















                                            Sleeping side by side...... BEST sister friends!!



















   I am one HANDSOME STUNNING smooth coat male!!

My owner is Belinda Arnett from Maryland. She lost her

$5,000 St. Bernard and is ready for another furry friend

to love!! I have a perfect monks cap! At 7 wks. 2 days old

at his vet~check he was 27 lbs. An absolute monster!















     I am an AWESOME smooth coat female!! Great

personality and love life! My owners are Bill and Dawn

Westberry from Indiana and Bill is an airplane pilot!!

They are waiting for a playmate for Panda from our

imported male! She will really have fun then!! Watch

out!! LOL!!












              My owner is Mike Brunette from Wisconsin!! They

named me Blizzard and say I am a FANTASTIC dog!! I

love their family and am a PART of their family!!
















             Mike and Cynthia also purchased another saint companion...a female

this time!! Blizzard is Mikes dog and Cynthia wanted a girl for herself!!!


















      I am a LOVELY smooth coat female who has a VERY

nice home with Sheila Wright of Midland Michigan. She

had saints as a child growing up and has now had the

opportunity to be able to have another one!



















    Shaunee  from Traverse City Michigan is my

FANTASTIC owner! She LOVED her soo much when she

came and got her!!
























     My home in Oklahoma with Mike Lebsack! My name

is Maddie and I am the very first St. Bernard they have

ever had!











    HELLO there! I live with Dawn Norby from

Milwaukee Wisconsin! I was a surprise from her

husband for a little but it was just toooo hard to keep me

a secret!





























                          ~The ride home!!!
















   Corey and Katie Seguin from Michigan is my exciting

family! They have 2 little girls who I LOVE playing

with!!! Dozer is my name!










     My name is Huckleberry! I am an AWESOME smooth

coat male and I am going to live with a wounded vet

from IRAQ to be his comfort!!



















      HI there! My name is Jax and I live with Jake and

Beth Kovaricks from Minnessota. I will make it in time

so they can start housebreaking me before their baby

arrives! I am a smooth coat male....


























                Hello! I am a smooth coat female and I live with Joe

and Amy Ammeraal from Manassas,Virginia!  Amy is a

school teacher and wanted a summer puppy to start

training before she went back to school! Below are Joes

parents holding the puppy before he even gets to!





























          My name is Marlee and I went to live with Curtis and

Danene McLeroy from Texas! I am a spoiled house~dog!

They had a HUGE birthday bash for me when i turned 1!!

I even got cut up pop~sicles!!















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