....Here  is  a  page  of  past  St.  Bernards  from  out

IMPORTED  male~ Edward  Od  Mikija  and  Ritzy.....















     .....if you are EVER interested in one of these great

"saints" do NOT hesitate to contact us and let us

know!! Itis our pleasure to raise your new family

member and thro this website to share with you the joys

of a lifetime companion.....!!!







      I am a GORGEOUS rough coat female and I

went to live with Art Norman.....and he is a news

reporter from Chicago for NBC news!! Probably the

most famous customer we have had so far!! Art is a very

friendly man and will give this girl a great home!!








     Rebekah Peters:

      My wife has made a decision, she only wants a St. bernard from






       Our Chicago Veterinarian said, Bella's breeder did a wonderful

job. Today, at 10~months, she is 135 lbs. and no medical problems

whatsoever. I told the vet that Bella was raised on Orijen, and that is

the only food we use today. She said "perfect diet."





      Bottom line.....Mrs. Norman said that the other male we had

considered from another breeder was a nice male.....but it was not

raised by Puppy Pawz. So, whenever your next litter of saints arrives

we would like to reserve your biggest male.....!



                                          ~Art Norman






   Illinois Governor pat Quinn, the Normans, and 10~month old Bella at Friday's PAWS Banquet. PAWS is the largest no~kill shelter in Chicago. This is where everyone brings their pet.

























      ...and when Marilyn Demry came to pick up a

puppy she ended up taking 2!! These will be the last 2

great saints she has in her lifetime and her husband had

said "bring home 2!!" They will be BEST friends as they

have been with each other since birth!! They will have a

great life!! 2 beautiful rough coat girls!!
























       I went to Las Vegas Colorado!! To Mike and

Steffani Dolar!! One amazing girl that I have always

thought looks a lot like her dad!! She had a great

personality and was well liked! Steffani said there were

at least 70 people waiting to see her when she got there!!














       I went to live with Linda Wolf from

Michigan!! Linda had been looking for a saint for quite

awhile when she ran across this litter!! We met her in

Grand Rapids where she picked up her bundle of joy! A

very nice rough coat girl with a nice temperament! She

has 120 acre home and sounds like a dream of a life!!
























       I went to live with Gracie Douglas...her

husband is from Scotland and runs in the marathon

there!! Super sweet couple and they have another saint

as well. I am a rough coat girl and Gracie stays home

most the time!

























     I went to the lovely lady of Sue Schaars from

Wisc.!! She had a saint in the past and it had a lot of

health issues but she really loved him and when he

passed away wanted another great addition to add to

her family!! Blitzen is a dark red rough coat male and is

very nice playful boy!! We enjoyed him while his short

time here!!

























           I went to live with Alan and Meaghan

Harris...they had a deposit in before I was even born!!

So they got first pick of the boys!! Olaf Harris is my

name and I am one big boy!! Meaghan said they like the

"BIG" dogs!!














       I went to live with Heidi Figas and her very

nice family!! They had been searching for a saint

Bernard and would look from time to time to find one!

It had been 4 yrs. since they had one so they were ready

for another one!! Very nice people!!




















     ...and I went to live with Micalyn Baney from

Pennsylvania!! They have a nice family of 4 and we met

them at a fancy restraunt in Detroit!!! Worked out well

and she will have a very nice home and used to children

as that is what she had back at her first home!! A very

pretty girl with lots of beautiful white!!




















      ....and I went to Colorado to live with Kathleen

Neeley!! I am the picture perfect saint!! The original

looking saint with more of a mantle coat. Kathleen kept

saying over and over she is so "stinkin cute" when they

go her!!









     .....when life hands you lemons.....

                                             make lemonade!!!  





















Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319