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And is she ever a beauty!! I just LOVE her DARK coat with all the

black in it and her dark dark mask with LOTS of BEAUTIFUL

black!!! I have LONGED for a female like this and TRULY believe

I have found her!! To me she looks alot like a male!!  






 We IMPORTED her here from a famous show kennel in

NORWAY!!!It is easy to tell she was a very well~bred dog! She

was bred to standard and is AMAZING!! Ilayza has a nice big

blocky~head on her with nice flews. 







 Ilaya has a super sweet personality!! She loves people and is

very friendly!!! Can't say enough good about her!! Ilayza has

MANY MANY CHAMPIONS in her pedigree and should really be

in the show ring!! 






 Ilayza really has it all!!! Stunning, remarkable, and

breath~taking!!! She has good features and anatomy, heavy boned

and solid body, with true substance and type! She is also a very

healthy dog and we take the BEST of care of her!! She is kept up on

all her wormings and vaccinations and fed a very good kibble

along with a raw food diet. 






 It is our pleasure to be able to offer you a puppy from our

WONDERFUL Ilayza!!! Pictures do not do her justice and she is

TRULY my dream female!!! I have always LOVED the dark black

mask, the dark black in the coat and she has that all along with a

very nice head for a female!!! 






 Feel free to contact us anytime with any interest on her puppies!!!

They are $2,000 for pets and show breeding rights is $2,500....







Bernegardens Ilayza as a puppy still in Norway!!! 














 Here she is at her home in Michigan!!! I hope you ENJOY her





















































































































































































 THANK~YOU for taking the time to look at Bernegarden's

Ilayza's page!!! It TRULY means alot to us and is a GREAT

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